Handcrafted Excellence

Rockford Foundries specializes in sand castings from non-ferrous metals (alloys) – aluminum and oshalloy (low leaded red brass). Excelling in production of small quantity orders, Rockford Foundries can easily handle short run and loose work foundry jobs; however, they can also handle large quantity blanket orders. Core options include no-bake, shell and oil sand.

The skilled craftsmen at Rockford Foundries have the capabilities, resources and technical expertise to deliver a product that meets the strictest specifications. Precision pattern work is designed to maintain tight tolerances, along with specific metallurgical recommendations regarding torque and stress requirements.

Rockford Foundries uses only the finest metals with controlled analysis to ensure a consistently durable finished product. All metals are carefully inspected prior to melting, with analysis reports kept on file.


Manufacturing options at Rockford Foundries include squeezer molding, permitting versatility in manual mold making with ranges from 12” x 12” to 16” x 18”. Floor molders and an International Rota-Lift increase the flexibility of larger molding, providing diversification to meet most any pattern to a maximum of 48” square. Weight capabilities range from one ounce to 160 pounds.

Molding Equipment:

  • Squeezer Molding
  • Loose Pattern Molding
  • International Rota-Lift 18” x 26”
  • Floor Molding – up to 48” square max.

Core Options:

  • Air Set
  • Shell
  • Oil Sand